Fully Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot

Artificial intelligence featuring multiple radar and mapping technologies make the A1 the perfect autonomous solution to support your disinfection protocols.

Comprehensive disinfection combined with advanced robotics and AI.

ADIBOT A1 Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot is the combination of expert knowledge in human-driven robotics and effective infection prevention. Designed to provide 360-degrees of disinfection via high intensity UV-C light, inactivating pathogens while easily integrating with your team, the ADIBOT A1 is at the forefront of robotic disinfection technology.

Intelligently navigates spaces, avoiding obstacles and contact using artificial intelligence.

Disinfect 360-degrees with a robotic solution that incorporates dynamic mobility.​

Helps with labor challenges as a powerful tool in your team's arsenal to increase efficiency.

Robust reporting tools for accountability and decision-making.

An ADIBOT A1 UV-C disinfection robot with UV-C lamps turned on in a hospital corridor.
The ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot situated between two patient beds in a hospital with UV-C lamps turned on.

Inactivate pathogens with high intensity UV-C light

  • At the 254nm wavelength, UV-C has proved effective against C.diff, MRSA, VRE, and other MDROs.
  • The A1 utilizes 16 shatterproof, ozone-free germicidal UV-C lamps rated for 16,000 hours of life. The lamps are arranged in a 360 degree array around a highly anodized aluminum core, ensuring maximum energy use.

Easily integrate an efficient disinfection solution that is safe and autonomous.

  • For increased safety, awareness, and detection, the A1 is equipped with PIR motion sensors, smart safety sign, external lights and speakers, and AI camera.
  • To expertly navigate your environments and avoid collision with objects, the A1 incorporates dual LiDAR, ultrasonic sensors, and an RGB-D ToF camera.
The upper portion of the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot on a blue gradient background.
A top down rendered image of a room showing the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot on the right and three disinfection points marked throughout the room.

Give your team an easy-to-operate and effective solution to providing comprehensive disinfection.

  • Dynamic-Point Mapping enables operators to control how the A1 will determine disinfection points along its path. Whether it’s user predetermined or AI-generated points, the A1 provides full 360-degrees of disinfection.
  • With SLAM technology, the A1 expertly navigates in rooms, around objects, through and over doorway thresholds, and within the optimal distance to inactivate pathogens on surfaces.

Cloud-based reporting at no additional cost.

  • With ADIS, our remote robot management platform, conveniently access full-scale reporting and manage a single or a fleet of A1 robots across multiple locations in real-time through the web.
A rendering of a laptop screen with the ADIS remote robot management platform interface on the screen.
RICOH logo on a red background.

National onsite technical support coverage.

  • Our partnership with Ricoh USA provides onsite technical support within 48 hours, ensuring your work is never disrupted. Loaner units are readily available through our loaner program when needed.

Additional Features

Intuitive App

Use the app on the included tablet to set tasks, schedule cleaning, and monitor your robot’s operation. Integrated SLAM technology gives operators control to set disinfection routes or let ADIBOT A1 determine its course.

Unbeatable Value

A low cost makes the ADIBOT A1 one of the most accessible UV-C disinfection devices available. Combine that with an incredible array of advanced features, autonomous operation, low maintenance, and limited consumables—and the A1 is an incredible value and must have solution.

Supporting Your Team

We understand how important it is to have the right information and the right help to bring UV-C disinfection into your environment—our expert team will work with you to integrate the ADIBOT A1 into your infection prevention workflow.

Safer and healthier environments through UV-C disinfection.


Mitigation of hospital-acquired infections requires diligence and collaboration by EVS teams and infection prevention leaders. The technology you use must integrate seamlessly, supplement your protocol, operate safely, and provide disinfection. Learn more about ADIBOT A1 for hospitals, surgical centers, hospice, and other healthcare facilities.

Education Facilities

Keeping students and faculty safe from pathogens requires more than standard, chemical-based cleaning. To develop a comprehensive strategy, you’ll want to incorporate a disinfection solution. That’s where ADIBOT A1 comes in—to provide 360 degrees of UV-C disinfection.

Offices and Workspaces

Whether you’re disinfecting corporate offices, shared workspaces, professional buildings or other work areas, the A1 supports your efforts to provide healthier environments for your employees, tenants, customers, and partners alike.


Easily integrate UV-C technology to provide disinfection in hotels, event spaces, lodges, recreational facilities, and more. Provide healthier environments for your guests, staff, and partners alike—with an easy-to-use mobile disinfection solution.

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