Reshaping our future by prioritizing hygiene, safety, and well-being.

We deploy state-of-the-art autonomous robots equipped with UV-C technology, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and robotics to create a safer, cleaner future.

Built upon a strong foundation of innovation

Based in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, California, ADIBOT is an industry leader in cutting-edge UV-C disinfection solutions.

ADIBOT solutions were developed by a visionary team of roboticists and engineers that have spent the past decade pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in the world of robotics. ADIBOT solutions are the culmination of years of relentless R&D and commitment to using robotics to create a better world.

Each member of the ADIBOT team hails from diverse disciplines and backgrounds and have been the driving force behind many groundbreaking robotic products. Our team has introduced intelligent humanoid robots for homes and businesses to a nascent market. Additionally, from being the first to launch robotic kits developed with Apple to a long-standing partnership with Disney to bring iconic characters to life through robotics, our team is well-versed in large-scale collaborations. Our collective expertise forms the foundation of ADIBOT, which is rooted in a deep understanding of the revolutionary potential of robotic automation.

ADIBOT’s breakthrough solutions combine the tried-and-true, highly effective germicidal properties of UV-C irradiation with the transformative capabilities of robotics and artificial intelligence, enabling unmatched levels of automation, efficacy, and substantial time and cost savings.

Ushering in a new era of UV-C disinfection

At ADIBOT, we set out to revolutionize UV-C disinfection by making it both accessible and affordable. We observed that in healthcare, existing solutions were not only prohibitively expensive but burdened facilities with recurring costs for essential add-ons and often came with a steep learning curve. Determined to challenge the status quo, we leveraged our robotics expertise to craft a groundbreaking solution that marries intense UV-C power, advanced safety features, and user-friendliness, all at a fraction of the cost.

ADIBOT’s commitment to innovation led to the creation of the A1, a fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot. The A1 brought major breakthroughs to UV-C disinfection by addressing its inherent limitations head-on. Autonomous navigation ensures the elimination of shadowing, as the robot intelligently moves to multiple points for comprehensive coverage. Dynamic Point Mapping technology enables the A1 to precisely target high-touch surfaces without manual intervention or constant monitoring. In addition, with remarkable automation features, the A1 can operate on a preset disinfection schedule managed through its user-friendly app, seamlessly returning to its charging dock after each cycle – a true “set it and forget it” solution.

We sought to harness the advanced technologies implemented in the A1 to engineer a groundbreaking stationary UV-C robot. The S1 UV-C disinfection solution costs on average just one-third of comparable solutions, offering superior quality at a competitive price and unprecedented flexibility and choice. With a single S1 unit, healthcare facilities not only save significantly but also acquire a more potent and streamlined UV-C disinfection solution. What’s more, by allocating the budget for one unit of a legacy device, a facility can now opt for three to four S1 units, maximizing efficacy, productivity, and coverage, which also contribute to substantial cost savings.

Trusted by organizations worldwide

ADIBOT solutions have been adopted globally, finding homes in major hospitals, office buildings, educational facilities, and more. Our mission to create safer, cleaner environments remains unwavering, as we continue to redefine the future of UV-C disinfection through the power of robotics and AI.

The ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot with UV-C lamps on disinfecting an operating room in a hospital.

Safer and healthier environments through UV-C disinfection

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