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Safer and healthier environments through UV-C disinfection.

An infection prevention tool your entire team can depend on.


Fully Autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robot

High-intensity UV-C technology plus artificial intelligence to provide UV-C disinfection. Featuring multiple radar and mapping technologies, ADIBOT A1 is a fully autonomous, safety enhanced solution for infection prevention.

An ADIBOT A1 UV-C disinfection robot with UV-C lamps turned on in a hospital corridor.


Stationary UV-C Disinfection Robot

The most advanced stationary UV-C robot at a competitive price. The S1 provides powerful UV-C coverage further enhanced by intelligent safety features, daisy-chain functionality, and superior mobility.

An ADIBOT S1 UV-C disinfection robot with UV-C lamps turned on in a gym locker room.


Balanced Efficacy, Mobility, and Safety

High Intensity UV-C

ADIBOT solutions use UV-C light, not harmful chemicals, to inactivate pathogens. At the 254nm wavelength, UV-C has proved effective against C.diff, MRSA, VRE, and other MDROs.

Works in Tight Spaces

All ADIBOT devices are designed with a footprint that allows easy mobility in and around rooms, furniture, and objects to provide 360 degrees of surface disinfection.

Advanced Safety Features

Motion sensors, cameras, smart safety signs, and a variety of radar technologies (ADIBOT A1), to detect human presence and objects, then react, results in the highest operational safety.

Safer and healthier environments through more intelligent disinfection.


ADIBOT solutions fit infection prevention protocols for hospitals, surgical centers, outpatient, and other healthcare facilities to keep patients and staff safe and healthy.

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Ensure clean and UV-C disinfected learning environments for students and faculty in schools and universities.

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