UV-C disinfection is a solution to some of the biggest safety challenges for facility managers.

Make the switch from stationary to autonomous UV-C disinfection.

Say goodbye to traditional stationary disinfection methods and gain back FTE hours that can be used for other critical tasks by adding autonomous UV-C disinfection to your cleaning regimen.

Bottom portion of the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot with UV-C lamps turned on in the middle of an operating room.
An EVS team member in an operating room setting a disinfection point in the app on the tablet that is mounted beneath the push bar of the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot.

Augment your workforce to solve labors toughest challenges.

Facing today’s labor challenges like shortages of skilled workers, an increase in demand for your services, or a need for a higher standard for cleaning and disinfection protocols can be daunting for a large facility. 

Boost productivity, and accomplish more with your team's budget.

Elevate your cleaning team’s performance by achieving productivity growth when you gain back FTE hours from integrating automation.

Two EVS team members peering through the window of an operating room while the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot is disinfecting the room.

UV-C disinfection is an added layer of safety to your existing workflows.

Easy-to-integrate, easy-to-operate.


Fully autonomous disinfection for greater efficacy and efficiency.


The most advanced stationary UV-C technology at a competitive price.

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