HAIs Pose a Significant Challenge to Hospitals

HAIs are Prevalent

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 31 hospital patients have at least one HAI in the U.S. on any given day.

HAIs are Preventable

HAIs are preventable through strict infection control measures, hand hygiene compliance, proper sterilization and disinfection of medical equipment.

HAIs Impact Patient Outcomes

HAIs lead to prolonged hospital stays, increased healthcare costs, poorer patient outcomes, reduced HCAHPS scores, and CMS penalties.

A Solution to Some of the Biggest Challenges in Infection Prevention.

Inactivate pathogens through proven
UV-C technology.

Healthcare facilities have been using UV-C technology for decades to improve the health and safety of patients and staff alike.

While the science of how UV-C light works has remained largely unchanged, advancements in robotics and AI have led to the creation of cutting-edge disinfection solutions that address the shortcomings of legacy devices.

Bottom portion of the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot with UV-C lamps turned on in the middle of an operating room.
An EVS team member in an operating room setting a disinfection point in the app on the tablet that is mounted beneath the push bar of the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot.

Lowered infection rates, increased safety, and greater satisfaction.

With HAIs on the rise, environmental service and infection prevention professionals face challenges on the daily. Introducing an effective UV-C disinfection protocol can provide the layer of protection needed to help mitigate HAIs caused by pathogens like MRSA, VRE, C. diff, and C. auris.

The enhanced safety not only elevates the patient experience but can also positively impact HCAHPS scores.

Healthcare labor shortages addressed by artificial intelligence.

With patient and staff safety at risk, facilities cannot afford to cut corners on disinfection. Due to shortages of skilled labor, time-constraints, and constant influx of patients, EVS and IP teams need an easy-to-integrate, easy-to-operate solution to comprehensively disinfect patient rooms, operating rooms, surgical sites, and more.

By integrating a device like the ADIBOT A1 which harnesses the power of AI, healthcare facilities not only acquire an invaluable tool for automation but also a dedicated team member to maximize efficiency during UV-C disinfection.

Two EVS team members peering through the window of an operating room while the ADIBOT A1 fully autonomous UV-C disinfection robot is disinfecting the room.

UV-C disinfection everywhere your patients and staff go

Easy-to-integrate, easy-to-operate.


Fully autonomous disinfection for greater efficacy and efficiency.


The most advanced stationary UV-C robot at a competitive price.

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